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Medium in size weighted lap pad to place on the lap of a busy body. Wedged between two soft cotton layers is a marble to push through a maze with added weight on each side of the pad. Carrying the simple and quiet pad can assist with body awareness when navigating movement in any setting. It's attractive, simple, and socially cool that provides beneficial outcomes for the one who needs to be busy with their hands or who needs something to hold onto when making their way through the maze of a learning environment.  Comes in multiple colors, each sized at 10.5" L X 10.5"W. D, SN or RP, PC, PFE *

Weighted Marble Maze Lap Pad

  • *Visit our Strategy Codes page for detailed information with naming strategy and how to apply the strategy with examples.


    Strategy Codes that align with the Weighted Marble Maze Lap Pad are:


    • Demystify
    • Social Narrative


    • Role Play
    • Picture Cue
    • Praise For Effort

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