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Bolli Ball provides stretching, manipulating, and grasping, in addition to oral sensory input. Made from nontoxic material; BPA and phthalate free, the nontoxic silicone pliable sculptural design is completely noiseless. In addition to being an excellent fidget, the open ball design is fantastic for shape exploration, strengthening fine motor skills, grasping, and eye-hand coordination, as well as proprioception input when walking down the hallway, standing in line, or navigating the body in any setting. So many options in just one ball! D, RP, PC, PFE *

Bolli Ball

  • Visit our Strategy Codes page for detailed information with naming strategy and how to apply the strategy with examples.


    Strategy Codes that align with the Bolli Ball are:

    • Demystify
    • Role Play
    • Picture Cue
    • Praise For Effort

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