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Have a wiggler who challenges circle time, seat work, or difficulty with listening and attending to task? Try the engaging donut seat to support defining space and expectations. It's also great to place in a movement center, or to use as a seat cushion when a child is writing to strengthen core muscles. The possibilities are exceptional. The Donut seat allows for vestibular and proprioception input to increase learning and on task behavior. Why fight the wiggles when research supports movement and learning? Allowing to learn through movement is evidenced based. 20” only comes in orange. D, RP, VM, PC, PFE *

Donut Seat 20"

  • Visit our Strategy Codes page for detailed information with naming strategy and how to apply the strategy with examples.


    Strategy Codes that align with the Donut Seat 20" are:


    • Demystify
    • Social Narrative
    • Role Play
    • Video Monitoring
    • Praise For Effort

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