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Evidence regarding movement, cognitive development, and emotional learning is abundant.  Longtime theories regarding movement and learning are now evidenced based through the work of neuroscientists. Tracking brain activity from the cerebellum to the cortex established that memory, attention, and spatial perceptions are involved. Research supports that the same area of the brain that facilitates movement is the same area of the brain that facilitates learning. Movement and learning are powerfully connected, with Bouncy Band a child can attend longer to increase production and learning. We carry the Bouncy Band for an elementary chair. D, SN, VM, PFE *

Bouncy Bands

  • Visit our Strategy Codes page for detailed information with naming strategy and how to apply the strategy with examples.


    Strategy Codes that align with the Bouncy Bands are:

    • Demystify
    • Social Narrative
    • Video Monitoring
    • Praise For Effort

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