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Is your child or student challenged by writing? Challenges are real and can lead to stress when assigned writing, ultimately resulting to a significant dislike of writing altogether. To avoid the stress, try Kit-n-Kaboodle, Let Your Kid Doodle! An at home or classroom pre-writing stimulating kit. K-n-K includes research regarding neurological challenges of writing, a hands-on protocol to rev-up the brain to hand connection, along with descriptions and application of 5 sensory tools. While other students begin their writing assignment, the children who need to rev-up begin working at a K-n-K writing center.  K-n-K reduces feelings of inadequacy and behavior by keeping children busy while the teacher or parent is able to provide one-on-one support. K-n-K can help with feeling productive in spite of writing challenges. D, PC, RP, PFE *


  • *Visit our Strategy Codes page for detailed information with naming strategy and how to apply the strategy with examples.

    Strategy Codes that align with the Kit-N-Kaboodle are:

    • Demystify
    • Picture Cue
    • Role Play
    • Praise For Effort

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